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    Why People Buy

    Why People Buy: Motivation Research and Its Successful Application by Louis Cheskin   Louis Cheskin wrote books about color, market research, advertising, package design, and product development during the 1950’s. He was a fervent advocate of diligent and objective research with a focus on unconscious testing for the purpose of discovering deep motivations. Acknowledging the irrational elements of human behavior, he ...
  • Louis Cheskin

    How to predict what people will buy

    How To Predict What People Will Buy by Lois Cheskin   Louis Cheskin (1907-1981) was a marketing pioneer, one of the first people to bring social science to bear on marketing activities. He was an authority on color and art and brought discoveries from Gestalt psychology and psychoanalysis into market research. Cheskin was adamant about testing and used sophisticated techniques to ...
  • Divergent and convergent thinking

    Divergent and Convergent Thinking

    Design requires both expansive, exploratory methods (divergent thinking) as well as prioritization and focus (convergent thinking). Pairing the two approaches increases the chances of finding the most effective solutions. Design Research: Methods and Perspectives by Brenda Laurel   Design Research is a collection of writings on various research tools and techniques available for designers. In addition to covering traditional design research topics like ...
  • strategic-partnerships

    Successful Partnerships

    Companies can no longer “go it alone”–vertical integration and direct control over distribution channels, once winning strategies, now must be replaced with a partnership and joint value creation focus. Strategic Alliances and Marketing Partnerships: Gaining Competitive Advantage through Collaboration and Partnering by Richard Gibbs and Andrew Humphries   Strategic Alliances and Marketing Partnerships seeks to answer two key questions: Why are ...
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    Matching marketing to the type of innovation

    Different types of innovations require different marketing strategies. Incremental and breakthrough innovations, particularly, require different choices for marketing strategies, interactions between marketing and R&D, market research, advertising, and pricing. The five types of innovation occur at various points in the value chain and in different parts of the organization. Marketing of High-Technology Products and Innovations by Jakki Mohr, Sanjit Sengupta, ...
  • Create marketplace disruption

    Creating Disruption

    Create Marketplace Disruption: How to Stay Ahead of the Competition by Adam Hartung   Creating disruption is a highly sought after capability due to the promise of profit and longevity through innovation and growth. Multiple disruptions over time can extend corporate success beyond market cycles. Many books seek to crack the code of repeat innovation and capitalizing on market shifts. Adam ...
  • Four steps to the epiphany

    Using Market Type to Guide Startup Strategy

    The Four Steps to the Epiphany by Steve Blank   Understanding your market type is a key success factor for startups and new product development. When creating a new product or service, it’s important to understand whether you are entering an existing market, creating a new one, or trying to carve out a niche. Many of the strategies presented in The ...
  • Dealing with Darwin

    Types of Innovation

    Innovation isn’t confined to break-out, market-creating, blockbuster products and services. There are innovation types available for each phase of the category life cycle, from growth through maturity and decline, to end of life. Dealing with Darwin by Geoffrey Moore   The innovation types for each life cycle phase are grouped according to four value disciplines that identify strategies which can be ...